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Getting lost in the beats that's me. Synced like a synth to the beat of the treat. The BPM that's going round 126- 137. On the four on the floor on the club or in the bar Ill take you far beyond the pulse of your hart. Tools of the trade include a Mac and a stack of gear, and noodles of cables that even the boldest DJ would fear. For the monitors I use KRK and I sold all the hardware long ago. Linked like a sphinx to the software i make in a company called Waves that's my shelter or my helter skelter. If you have a request, then Ill do my best to laydown a track that will fill your dreams. If you wanna talk don't be shy send a greeting over nano techtubes to my box.



With a voice that so sweet and a razor sharp tongue, a devil or angel, for you to decide. For the lyrics and stories i'm armed with pen or a joint, used with slight accuracy to deliver the point. Armed with a mike and boots for the fight, Don't let the color of my hair fool you, but judge for yourself if you want some proof that it ain't no spoof. Check my log or blog and that will clear up the fog.



Who's flipping records with the skill of a Kong-Fu master, who's faster then this ghetto blaster? I dare you to take me up, one on one with my Honda, too fast for my own good, I'll burn it through the hood. Leaving track's on your forehead. Dragging and dropping and cutting and pasting, loops and sequences, that will make you go crazy. Drum and bass in your face, the not so distant past leaves a strong impression, on mixes that sound like a killer on Prozak, insane after a night of drinking.


SoSad (Vocal Trance) Kenneth-Nissa-Eyal
OutInSpace (Vocal Trance) Kenneth-Nissa-Eyal
Orion (Club Trance) Kenneth
HeyKids (Electro Club Trance) Kenneth

all songs written and preformed by
theshorttermproject (kenneth weiss and nissa weiss-diantinna)

© 2005 all rights reserved.
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    Clubbers, ravers and party freaks,
    we're gonna be here for a short time.
    We are The Short Term Project.
    Deep lyrics uplifting melody, Euro Dance and Vocal Trance.

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